A Studio with Passion for RPGs

In order to be the best, you have to specialise, and we are making the name Toadman synonymous with RPG expertise. Driven by a desire to create unique experiences.

Because Toadman was founded by industry veterans, the company got off to a strong start back in 2013, and has moved from strength to strength ever since. Before joining Toadman, our talented developers were involved in producing games such as Battlefield 4, Mad Max, and Just Cause. Part of our current success comes down to specialising within the industry, whilst retaining a broad knowledge and skill-set concerning technology and development. We keep our core team small and efficient, but we are also scalable to meet larger project demands.

Sweet Swedish Lifestyle

We believe in truly enjoying our lives in Sweden. Being based in Stockholm, we are in the country’s capital city, full of life and excitement, but you will never be far away from a beautiful park or a walk in the close-by countryside. Scandinavia, and not least Sweden, is known for its active developer culture, and you are sure to find many like-minded individuals here.

Toadman Inspired

Back when this studio was founded, we stumbled upon the above painting and fell in love. This handsome man not only inspired the studio’s name, but also the logo you see to this day.

Toadman Team

Key Personnel

We have a strong team of board members, from leaders in the gaming sector to accomplished financial advisors. Between them there is a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

  • Robin Flodin CEO & Member of the Board
  • Rasmus Davidsson Head of Design
  • Ted Löfgren CTO
  • Ola Nilsson Studio Manager

Want to join our talented team?

We are always looking for top class developers and artists, and we would also be happy to hear from you if you are new, or experienced, talent in the industry with the passion to be part of an exciting studio.