Today sees a new patch with some design tweaks, support for the upcoming DLC, and some bug fixes. It’s now live on PC and Xbox. We are working on getting it to PlayStation players as soon as possible, check our social media to be updated on it’s release!



* Enabled re-entry into Malog’s arena (only on saves where Malog is not defeated)

* Added center dot to all crosshairs

* Auto-reload can now be turned off in gameplay settings, which can be beneficial for people playing as the Cursed One with the Flagellation curse active

* Consumables in the inventory are now ordered by their type and quality

* The dpad now works the same way as the analog stick when navigating menus

* Consumables can now be cycled while stunned

* Added obelisk before the final boss fight, because the sprint of death got old

* Reduced stability damage dealt by teleporting enemies (Lurkers) in the first half of Apexion (Skypath) to avoid player death by stagger

* Reduced the blast radius for Ice Slug suicide attack in Apexion



* Enabled support for the upcoming DLC & added DLC button to the main menu


PlayStation specific (soon live):

* Default selection button is now dynamically set to the Cross or Circle button, depending on what is specified in the system



* Fixed area where you could fall through the ground when starting the game in the tunnel between Scar of the Abyss and Charnels

* Fixed potential granting of fractional bits

* Fixed glitching enemy in Grand Hall right after load (It wasn’t Aras after all!)

* Fixed a bug where dialogue choices wouldn’t have a default

* Fixed lighting issues in the Apexion throne room

* Fixed a bug where you could keep playing after you died if you had the Flagellation curse

* Fixed so that the curse of Flagellation won’t deal damage anymore in a small time frame after the reload has finished

* Fixed typo in cenotaph for Fireslugs

* Fixed bug where melee damage on knocked down enemies didn’t use correct weapon damage or element type

* Fixed performance issue in Arlen fight

* Fix portal in Grand Hall not opening correctly

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