The Mask of Pain

“… and cursed they would be. The Azurians loathed wickedness and forged “The Mask of Pain” which would curse its wearer for all eternity.”

We’re really excited to be revealing the full details of the Mask of Pain expansion for Immortal: Unchained, which will be a free expansion for the base game.

The Azurian Mask of Pain is an ancient device that was built as the most severe kind of punishment for Azurian prisoners. With the expansion, you can start a new game as the Cursed One, who is fitted with the Mask of Pain.

The mask makes the final death curses of your enemies linger for eternity, and the Cursed One will grow more and more afflicted throughout the game. In effect this means that we are adding a new class that will be bestowed a curse after defeating each of the main bosses. After every fight you will be asked to choose between 2 curses, which are unique to the boss, and in following NG+ playthroughs, you can either choose a stronger version of the same curse or choose to have both curses instead.

As with NG+ there will be new achievements added with the update, but these won’t count towards the completionist achievement.

When we release the feature we will also include an update to the game’s tutorial. We feel that the current tutorial doesn’t fully live up to the rest of the game, and therefore we decided to restructure it a bit to give the game a more exciting start. It is always important to us that the games we make are in the state we think they deserve, and we believe that it is a better entry point for new players.

When we released Immortal: Unchained we said that we wanted to support the game with both paid and free updates. Both the Mask of Pain and the tutorial update will be released as free updates and we estimate both releases to be in late January or early February.

We are really excited to release this feature, and hope that you feel the same!

The Toadman Team

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