In this patch, we have done some major balancing changes. First of all, we have added 8 new weapons to the game. Secondly, we have made a greater variance in the ranges of weapon archetypes, so that sniper rifles can shoot considerably farther than other weapons, and assault rifles as the archetype with the second farthest range. Changing the ranges also meant that we had to do some tweaks on damage and ammo to avoid weapon imbalance.


We have also changed the requirements for weapons, to require more varied player stats, and a general increase in the stat requirements. We wanted to strengthen the sense of making builds when playing the game, and have not been completely satisfied with how few stats were used previously. If you are unhappy with how you have spec’ed your character so far, then you will get a chance to respec after finishing the Invasion event. If you have already finished the Invasion, then you will automatically have this consumable in your inventory.


Another big change is that we have moved a lot of loot around. Previously you could often find high rarity weapons quite early in the game, and low rarity weapons in the late game. This meant a lot of weapons were never tried out by the players because their low rarity often automatically sent them to the discard pile. The latest changes attempt to rectify that and to have a continued sense of getting stronger in the game.


As a final note, you can now damage Arlen with melee weapons, so it is time to bring out the Frost Mauls….


Added 8 extra weapons to the game:

* Legion Suppressor (Assault rifle)

* Gold Star (Assault rifle)

* Lone Guard (sniper rifle)

* Wolf Fang (SMG)

* High Guard Infiltrator (Assault rifle)

* Legion Corpse Reaver (shotgun)

* Alabaster Punisher (shotgun)

* Annihilator (pistol)

– Redistributed loot across the game for a more even experience

– Frostrift Lancer is now of uncommon rarity

– Great-Predator’s Lancer is now of rare rarity

– COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Weapon ranges have been updated with a roughly x3 range for sniper rifles and x2 for assault rifles.

– All weapon DPS has been normalized across rarities

– We added a one-use consumable for respec’ing your character, which is granted after the Invasion event.

– We created a death sense in enemies that makes them aware if you kill or wound other enemies close to them and in line of sight.

– COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Arlen can now be wounded by melee attacks

– The armor system has been slightly refactored to prepare for NG+

– COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: We have enabled inverting of X axis in controls

:pushpin: Bugs & crashes:

– Fixed various crashes

– Fixed bugs in enemy AI audio sense, which caused them to stare at walls pointlessly

– COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Using a portable relay in the last boss fight no longer breaks progression

– Traps now correctly apply elemental damage

– Fixed progression bugs with some doors

– Refactored achievements and added recovery functions for completion

– COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Fixed completionist achievement

– COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: It is no longer possible to open inventory while in the credits.

– Fixed lock-on pointing to the enemies feet when locking on after stunning an enemy with melee.

– COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Removed the duplicate 26th armor shrine

– Fixed exploit in the Stream, so you can’t reach the obelisk from lower platform

– Fixed a progression blocker if players progress further in the game than intended prior to the Invasion event

– COMMUNITY FEEDBACK: Fixed an issue that caused the bridge in Arden prison to not extend

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