First Console Patch is Up!

Hello Warriors! Following the release of our first console patch yesterday, we wanted to provide you with more info on the future of Immortal: Unchained and give you an update on what we’re currently working on.

Firstly, we’re aware of issues some PS4 & Xbox One players have been experiencing with crashes, so right now we’re focusing our efforts on improving stability on console. We hope yesterday’s patch made significant steps towards improving this, but we are going to continue monitoring reports and plan to make further improvements to overall stability.

We intend to make ongoing improvements to weapon balancing, too, and have been listening to your feedback closely when it comes to this. We’ll detail any changes to weapon balancing in future patch notes.

We also know that many of you are looking forward to New Game+, which we are focused on releasing as a free update later this year. However, we don’t want to launch NG+ until we’re confident it is absolutely ready and that it provides the experience you expect. We hope to have more of an update on our progress with NG+ to share with you soon.

Besides that, we also have other tweaks, features and improvements that we’re working on, too – some big and some small. We aren’t quite ready to talk about them yet, but we are eager to share them with you in future updates!

More than anything, though, we want to thank all our players for their support. We’ve loved seeing comments from you all as you journey through the game, and are keen to continue taking your feedback into account to help us shape future updates. Thanks again for jumping into the world of Immortal: Unchained! See you in the Cosmos 🙂

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