A new patch to Immortal: Unchained is out!

Check out the details below:

  • Increased up the opacity background of the system messages for improved readability
  • Fixed a killbox in Veridian that could kill the player
  • Fixed an asset in the Storm Breaker boss arena
  • Player death will now also force close pause menu exit confirmation pop-up to avoid edge cases
  • Removed the ability to access the pause menu after quitting the game
  • Fixed text overruns in the aspect menu
  • Added missing translation for power core in the Storm Breaker boss arena
  • Fixed an issue where Iska could be dead, but the encounter wasn’t registered as over
  • Fixed a crash when changing language on the main menu
  • Main menu now properly adapts to language change
  • Changed localization of the DLC button in french to “DLC”
  • Fixed the aspect description not scrolling
  • Options save data files in PS4 now use a translated name for “Options”

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