A new patch is out, here are the details!


  • “Hold to skip” in cutscenes now appears as soon as the cutscene is skippable with an image of the skip button
  • Added a new main menu scene
  • Added DLC team members to credits

Xbox specific:

  • The bug that caused the Black Bloom is fixed (again)


  • Portal to the Stream is now closed after Naylon is defeated
  • Fixed a bug with lock-on when the player aims and loses the target after it being obscured, which would cause the camera to jitter
  • Fixed crash when starting the Malog fight after dying against him once
  • All save files can now re-enter Malog’s arena after he is defeated
  • Fixed a location in the Grand Hall where the player could get stuck between memorial and wall
  • Fixed some floating geometry in Charnels
  • Fixed localization description in the options menu for master volume and sfx volume
  • Fixed localization of the footer in the options menu after language is changed
  • Fixed UI display on PS4 system messages to show Circle if the enter button assignment is set to Circle
  • Fixed localization of the select profile “Discipline” after language is changed
  • Fixed condition when the PS4 system popup for out of space is triggered
  • Made the tutorial boss encounter start volume smaller to avoid accidental triggering
  • Fixed a bug in the future DLC where the Frost Module wouldn’t be equipped on game load
  • Fixed some missing ground, streaming volume, and navmesh in the future DLC


  • EvilvEvil Teaser Trailer

    EvilvEvil is a co-op first-person vampire shooter with a player-directed, continuously updated storyline. Its cast of characters will bring ultracool vampires with a heavy dose of attitude and other monstrosities. Visit the website at to sign-up and stay informed about the game.

  • IGI: Origins Teaser Trailer

    We're very excited to be able to announce that I.G.I. Origins development is progressing well, and we are now able to share with you our brand new trailer!

  • June Patch Out

    A new patch to Immortal: Unchained is out! Check out the details here.

  • Storm Breaker Update

    Read more about the content of Storm Breaker, the next major expansion for Immortal: Unchained.

  • Patch 15 Live

    Another patch for Immortal: Unchained is live, check out the details!

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