Alpha - What We've Learned

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our alpha weekend of bullets, bloodshed and bugs! It was amazing to watch you take your first steps into the world of Immortal: Unchained and face the inevitable deaths at the hands of the Holmeguard Commander…!

We had a lot of fun tuning into your livestreams, reading your comments and watching you play the game, and have loved sharing some of your best moments across the studio. It was an incredible weekend and the response has been amazing, so thank you – we hope you enjoyed it!

Importantly, we also learned a lot too.

Overall, the alpha was a huge success for us. We were able to see how the game held up in your hands, tune in and watch many of you get your first hands-on with the game, and with your help, highlight some of the issues the game has in these early stages.

While we were already aware of some issues that needed work, thanks to your feedback we’ve identified some key areas that we’ll be focusing on between now and launch to further improve the game, including:

Targeting System
The targeting system was one of the most discussed topics during the alpha, and we’ve already started work to improve the general feel of the targeting system and add more settings to customize how the game works. We’re also experimenting with some other options which we’ll provide more details on in a later update.

We’ve heard you, and we’ll be allocating additional resource to focus on improving animations between now and launch, particularly those associated with melee combat.

In addition to these two key areas, we’re going to continue polishing the game and fixing bugs, while working on balancing and other general areas of improvement.

We’re also planning to show you more of the game soon to help provide a greater feel for the universe and variety the later locations have to offer. Make sure to keep an eye out on our social channels for updates on how and when we’re planning to do that.

Once again, though, we want to give our massive heartfelt thanks for checking out the alpha and sending us your feedback. This is our first major release and we’re aware of all the expectation that comes with entering the hardcore action-RPG space, and so we’re working incredibly hard to deliver a game that we hope you’ll want to play.

We really hope you enjoyed playing the alpha, and we’ll be back with more updates for you soon!

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